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I love finding the beauty in all aspects of life, especially in seemingly small, everyday moments.

On the blog, you'll find tips for low-maintenance beauty, maintaining a tidy home, making quick and healthy meals for your family, and how I keep my sanity as a homeschooling, work-at-home mom.

In the store, you'll find inspirational, faith-based apparel and accessories to give you a daily reminder of hope and motivation each and every day.

I hope to inspire you to simplify your life, learn to love yourself and help you find a little more peace.

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Yes, We are in Crisis Mode

By Krysti Hoisington | April 6, 2020

I’m just going to be super real here, hope that’s alright with you all. Just Feel Your Grief, Dang it! That is what I needed to tell myself last night. I was hit with this feeling of overwhelming emotion and finally realized what had been that nagging feeling I could no longer ignore. I was…

Beauty is in the small things

Beauty is in the Small Things

By Krysti Hoisington | March 11, 2020

Life with 3 little kids is chaos.  On. The. Daily. And, yet, it is so beautiful.  In one moment, I feel like I am pulling my hair out and the next, I am almost in tears thinking how fortunate I am. I have wasted so much time stressing about how messy the house is, about…

Say No To Busyness

Say No to Busyness

By Krysti Hoisington | April 16, 2019

Say No To Busyness Do we value busyness too much? It’s well known that we are a society of go-go-go. We are also a society of burnout, over-medication, mass consumption. Being busy all the time is not a positive when it compromises your health and well being. In fact, I would dare to say that…