Admin Day: Treating Your Role Like Your Job

Setting aside one day each week as an admin day totally changed how I manage my household.  I went from feeling like my house wastired mom before admin day running me to finally running my home well.  Today is that day for me and I want to share about it for all of the stressed-out moms, just getting by.

The work of a stay-at-home mom is the most rewarding but, also, the most challenging work I’ve done. You’re always on the clock and you never leave your workspace. Also, I think because it is ‘your’ space and ‘your’ family… what works for others won’t necessarily work for you and the growth of your family, change in dynamics or circumstances means it will all be constantly evolving.

It’s easy to fall into a rut or feel overwhelmed by the responsibility and constant demand. But it is so empowering to see how small changes in your own perspective can have the biggest impact on your entire household.

So, I am taking my role as Mom as seriously as I would any other job. After all, this is my job. And today is admin day.

If you find yourself getting behind on certain tasks, errands, bills and the like, set aside a day for admin.

Set yourself up for success.

mom holding son on admin day

As far as the school goes, we take Wednesdays off and do a 4-day school week. That is specifically for my planning purposes; I don’t teach lessons that day. My ‘school-aged’ girls enjoy their ‘school-work’ and so they choose to do some independently. They all get to have a little more screen time on this day and maybe an extra messy activity I save for days I need them occupied.

Admin day is usually a grazing kind of day. The kids can make their lunch, if they want, or we just snack. This saves me from spending as much time in the kitchen and from messes to clean up. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it’s not going to be marshmallows and chocolate syrup either… I’m still on duty.

I don’t plan to sit at the computer all day and work. My desk is set up and ready to go so I can sit and work in blocks of time when I have them.  Most of it still gets done during quiet time.

Setting this day aside, whichever day works best for you, means you know this stuff will get done. Admin day just brings you another level of peace.

I highly recommend the FlyLady system if you need a place to start. Not affiliated with FlyLady; I just love her plan and the mindset behind it all. Check her out and see if her system resonates with you.

Give yourself some grace.

I’ll leave with this… for every mom who feels overwhelmed, behind, like a failure, I’m sure you are doing far better than you realize. If youreading the Word on admin day truly feel there is a break down in the system, focus on the connection between you, your spouse and your children first. That can be a whole separate post, so I won’t go to into that now. Just focus on connection with each member of your family. If your family bonds are broken, then housework isn’t top priority.

And, as always, when you just need the next step, get into the Word. He is always speaking and wants to talk to you.

What is your biggest struggle in managing your home and what is your best tip that works for you? Leave a comment below so we can learn from and support each other.

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