DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?


You should probably be cleaning them much more often than you do.


Before Cleaning Your BrushAfter Cleaning Your Brush


As a makeup artist, I thoroughly clean my professional brushes after each client but, admittedly, my personal brushes do not receive the same attention.


Why is it so important to keep your makeup brushes clean?


Well, for vanity purposes, using a clean brush to apply your makeup will give a clean flawless appearance to your look. When we use a dirty brush, it causes your makeup to look muddled. Makeup builds up in the bristles and mixes as you blend on your face.


BUT, the more important reason, is every time we use our brushes to apply our makeup, the bristles are also picking up bacteria from the surface of our skin. Gross, right?


The more we use our brushes without cleaning them, the more bacteria our brushes are harboring. This build-up of bacteria can lead to skin irritation and breakouts.


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If you have active breakouts and use dirty brushes to apply your makeup, you can cause the breakout to spread, last longer or even become infected.


Taking regular care of your brushes will also help prolong the life of your cosmetic products.  It shouldn’t be too hard to understand that if using a dirty brush can spread bacteria onto your skin, it can also contaminate your products with bacteria as well.  Just a quick note


It is very important to regularly clean your brushes. Maybe not so realistic to deep clean them every day but try aiming for once a week.

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Recipe

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You can use a simple mild dish soap but the addition of olive oil helps to loosen the makeup in the brush and keep the bristles conditioned.


Thieves essential oil from Young Living is my go-to choice for this recipe for its incredible scent and disinfecting properties.

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Recipe

Just combine all of the ingredients and whisk together. Swish your brushes until all makeup is removed and rinse until the water runs clear.


The first time I used this, I was so impressed with how quickly the brushes cleaned up leaving no trace of the long-lasting makeup I love so much.


Seriously, give this recipe a try and when you do, leave a comment below to tell me what you think!


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  1. Michale Linhares on March 3, 2020 at 8:56 pm

    Just read your post here. I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. Is there a particular type of makeup brush set that you exclusively use? What about a brand? Is there one that you like best? I’m preparing for a wedding and I don’t have a lot of experience with makeup. Thanks!

    • Krysti Hoisington on March 10, 2020 at 10:38 pm

      Thank you for your comment! I feel like I could go on for a bit so, great idea for another post. I will say my favorite brushes are from Real Techniques, Morphe, and Crowne Brush. I had to play around with different types to figure out what worked best for me. I will definitely add a post soon with pictures of my favorites and how I use them.

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