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Welcome to Sylly Living: Our Sylly Family | www.syllyliving.com

Thank you so much for stopping by to my little corner of the world… or internet.

My name is Krysti and I am a mother to two little girls, with our first boy on the way! My husband, Jeff, and I have officially known each other for 10 years! (I feel old).

Through all of this time, having been through many ups and downs and learning that I tend to invite chaos into my life, I decided things needed to change and am learning how to take control, with simple changes, so I can make time for the things, I feel, truly matter.

My hope is to inspire you to live simply through creating routines that streamline your day. So, you can always make time to smile, laugh, and truly enjoy life.

As a former esthetician, I fell in love with skin care and aromatherapy.  I am fascinated with the bodies inate ability to heal itself and, I believe, as long as we fuel our bodies properly, we dont need all of the extras that are added in expensive products on the store shelves.

I have a passion for making my own skin care using all natural butters, oils and essential oils; and teaching others how to use simple ingredients straight from nature to care for themselves and their families.  I want everyone to know they can have high quality skin care with an inexpensive pricetag.

I share tips for flawless, yet low-maintenance beauty. You don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror with 50 different products. (Unless that truly brings you joy).

Makeup is fun but confidence is power.  I love to play with makeup and come up with fun looks.  But its important to feel confident in your skin whether you choose to wear makeup or not.  I want to help every woman find that confidence.

Though I love all things beauty and skin care, my true reason for simplified living and natural ingredients comes from my main passion which is my family. Raising a family has always been my number one dream and I take my job as wife and mother seriously. I strive to always do my best while honoring God everyday.

Welcome to Sylly Living: Our Children | www.syllyliving.com

Our children, Lila and Chloe. With baby brother on the way.

I am always learning but hope through this page and my journey, you will find encouragement to get you through the tough times and celebrate the best. Please also share any tips and tricks you have learned along the way to make life a little bit easier for you, as well.

I’ll be sharing tips on maintaining a tidy home, making quick and healthy meals for your family, and keeping sanity as a homeschooling and work-at-home mom.

If I can make it through these days, you can make it through these days and I hope to help you find a little more peace.


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