Say No to Busyness

Say No To Busyness

Say No To Busyness

Do we value busyness too much?

It’s well known that we are a society of go-go-go. We are also a society of burnout, over-medication, mass consumption.

Being busy all the time is not a positive when it compromises your health and well being. In fact, I would dare to say that ’busy-ness’ is the last thing we should strive for.

How often do you sacrifice time with your family, your sleep, your nutrition all for the sake of doing more? Click To Tweet

Productivity, hard work, efficiency; these are things we should strive for. The kind of work in a day that burns your energy and allows your head to hit the pillow peacefully at the end of the night.

Busyness leads to worry and stress. We pile so much on our plates, that we are always concerned about the next thing. What were we not able to accomplish today? How much more do we have to get to tomorrow? Maybe I should just stay up a few hours longer to finish this. Maybe I should stay at the office later to get more done. I’ll just power through lunch to keep going.

We sacrifice time with our family, our sleep, our nutrition all for the sake of doing more.

But where is the quality in any of that? The quality of our work is not the best when we are stretched too thin. And the quality of our life is low when we are not filling it with what brings our souls joy.

Rest is anti-aging gold!

Do you want one of the best anti-aging tips this skin care consultant can give you? Stay productive and stop being busy. Take time to slow down outside of your working hours and just enjoy the time you have with your loved ones.

Take the time to prepare a clean, fresh meal and then take the time to enjoy sitting down to eat it.

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Take the time to instill a good night routine that calms your mind and helps you lull into a restful sleep.

Stress and worry are two major contributors to premature aging. So save money on expensive creams and minimize the stress in your life.

Commit today to making one major change for a better you.

What new habit are you going to work on to bring a little more peace and calm into your life? Leave it in the comments below so we can all help each other with ideas and inspiration.

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