Yes, We are in Crisis Mode

I’m just going to be super real here, hope that’s alright with you all.

Just Feel Your Grief, Dang it!

That is what I needed to tell myself last night. I was hit with this feeling of overwhelming emotion and finally realized what had been that nagging feeling I could no longer ignore. I was grieving.

Like so many of us are right now.

What Does Job Security Look Like Right Now?

I was laid-off due to this Covid crisis pretty early on. When we were just starting to talk about social distancing, restaurants were just not filling up like they used to and we were closed down to dine-in business pretty quick.

I made a mistake on my application for unemployment and, with the system being completely inundated with requests, I still have have not been able to connect with a rep to correct it almost two weeks later.

Thank the Lord, my husband is working from home and is able to continue his work but I can imagine the gravity of uncertainty that is weighing on the shoulders of those who are in tighter financial situations than mine.

What Does Education Look Like Right Now?

We homeschool. So, thankfully we have much of what we need to continue education as usual through this time. Even still, we do so much during the week outside of our house with other people.

I didn’t think social distancing would really affect our homeschooling routine but it has more than I realized. My kids are craving that time with their friends they normally get each week.

I can only imagine the gravity of uncertainty that is weighing on the shoulders of parents whose kids go to a more traditional school that has been closed for an undetermined amount of time. Whose kids may have been falling behind already, whose homes are not filled with a variety of educational resources or who were not in the mindset to choose educating their kids at home.

How Do We Relate to One Another Right Now?

I am grateful that I have a family to be socially distancing with. That I am not alone and that for the past several months, my husband and I have been intentionally working on strengthening our marriage. If this had happened a few months ago, I don’t know what this situation would have brought about for us.

I can’t imagine the gravity of uncertainty that is weighing on those who are stuck in an environment that is not there ‘safe space’ or even their ‘happy place’. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be stuck alone with no one to physically be close to.

Take a Moment and Fully Feel it.

It is important to be present in the moment, the crisis situation we are all facing. Some of us are very blessed to be ‘stuck’ in the comfortable situation we are in. It still may be filled with uncertainty and be a very difficult time to go through.

God does not promise us a trial free life but he does give us the strength to see through them. God also gave you emotions and it’s ok to breakdown. Fall to your knees and just let the tears fall.

Acknowledge your grief. But talk to God through it. Say exactly what is on your mind. God IS listening.

If you don’t feel it, it will consume you. Don’t let a mask of strength be what takes you down.

I think the one thing that comforts me most is having a relationship with God and knowing His plan is always so much greater than mine.

And When in Doubt, Pray Through it.

I would like to pray for those who are suffering through this crisis. Please if you have a specific prayer request, reach out with a comment below, through the Facebook page, or to your local pastor.

If you don’t want to share a request but would like to stand with others in solidarity then please comment below ‘I will grieve and then stand strong through this. But I will never let a mask of strength tear me down’.

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    Thank you, Alidia!

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